Green Papaya Essence - BeauVita® Features:


1.Green papaya is used as a traditional Taiwanese milk fat through traditional herbal medicine.

2.The Company Green Papaya hormone (BeauVita) by the global authority pharmacological company Pan-ball has done experiments that show the estrogen actuation capabilities, and that does not contain estrogen, so the security level is very high.

3.The Company Green Papaya prime BeauVita also confirmed by the Institute of Pan-ball has the same pharmacological effect of oxytocin, so for women, postpartum lochia (dirty blood) is excluded and the effect is quite good.

4.The Company's use of green papaya powder with the 35 room temperature drying technology to retain the activity of green papaya, prime BeauVita Green Papaya also called Green Papaya contains all the nutrients, such as: papaya enzyme, plant alcohol, vitamin C, vitamin E ... and soon including all the active ingredients.

5.Another prime BeauVita Green Papaya also showed the following clinical effect (depending on the effect of the sort):

menstrual pain, shun by (women of all ages)

Breast (You Duicheng effective in women)

premenstrual constipation

loss weight (as the case)

acne, fade fine lines (You Duicheng year female)

immunomodulator (relieve allergy)

refreshing (three possible mechanisms)

regulating body, to help with pregnancy

Whitening of skin (clinical trials)

prevention of cervical cancer (with paper but no clinical cases)

sports injuries swelling (with paper but no clinical cases)

maternal cleanup lochia (should be valid but no clinical cases)

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