CoNutri Guave leaves - DiaViteas® - have the following characteristics:


1. Upon examination, it contains around 100mg/g of total polyphenols (as gallic acid).

2. Human experiments show that the guava leaf polyphenols can inhibit the activity of amylase, slowing down  the blood sugar absorption rate and lowering the blood sugar spikes after meals, so to help the effective control of blood sugar.

3. In animal experiments, the guava leaves show a tonic effect on pancreas cells after the animals were induced with slight diabetes.

4. The guava leaf in Taiwan is also used as an effective traditional Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of diarrhea by its antibacterial activity.

5. Through the use of the "35 °C  Room Temperature Drying Technology" of the Company, the guava leaves preserve intact the active ingredients and the green color, which is very different from the dark brown guava leaves in the market. The fragrant smell also prooves the advantage of our drying technology.

6. In addition to treating diarrhea in Taiwan, guava leaves are also used for the treatment of colds by eating fresh mashed guava leaves.


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