- Conservation of nutritionTM. Preserve all the nutritional value of food, and wrap it up intact.

      - Dietary culture evolves again back to all-natural food ingredients.

      - To promote the added values of agricultural products and farmer's income.

      - To be world’s mainstream drying technology and occupy the global dried products’ market
by over 30%.

      - To popularize the technical advantage of room temperature drying technology.

      - To regulate the output surge of seasonal agricultural products.





The Company adheres to business beliefs of “Integrity,
Professionalism, Quality and Innovation,”and provides
services to farmer associations, farmers and individuals
to provide a completeservice. In the era of food where
additives are everywhere, the company wishes to return
to natural \healthful environmental food culture with the
most advanced preservation techniques of nutrition.  
Brand owners and consumers of natural herbs wanting
the purest quality of the original plant, zero pollution,
high quality, and reasonable price has become a trend.

Consumers, brand owners, and the OEM factory, like the
three factors of body, mind, and soul, must reach harmony
and equilibrium in order to truly get health and wealth.
The company is a high quality bridge to provide the best
balancing services for the industry with the latest nutrition
preservation technology.



Business Cause


The founder of the Company, Mr. Shangyo Lee, who had been
specializing in the electronics industry for a long time before
stepping into the food industry, firstly devised MOZART room
temperature drying technology (RTD) 10 years ago, and later
found out that this technology is very hopeful to become a new-
generation mainstream drying technology that is good for humans
as well as the environment.
He then decided to devote himself to
the Technology, and finally made breakthroughs that lowered the
costs substantially, and made it advance to “CoNutri-Room
Temperature Drying Technology.” He even managed to, for the
first time, regulate the output surge of a quality Taiwanese produce –
ginger, with the Technology that was invented by Taiwan herself.
This is phenomenal. Because shortage of food has been the global
focus recently, and how to more effectively preserve agricultural
products during the surge period has been constantly pursued in
human history, drying is the easiest and most economical way to do
it, and we are progressing well on it.

To globalize “CoNutri - Conservation of NutritionTM via RTD,” we
established Taiwan Room Temperature Drying & Manufacturing Inc.,
hoping to develop RTD into a mainstream drying technology that
competes with freeze drying and heat drying, and even better than freeze
drying and heat drying. Based in Taiwan, the Company hopes to establish
factories all over the world, share with the world the gems of wisdom from
Taiwan and make contribution to the whole world.

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