The Company's "room temperature drying technology," in the past been called "MOZARTtechnology" , which has the technical characteristics of the "controlled diffusion" (MOdulated diffusion), "locked domain" (Zoned), "Sterilization" (Antiseptic), and "room temperature." (RoomTemperature) combination. After many years of technical sophistication, we can now use the technique of temperature modulation to remove moisture under atmospheric temperature and pressure, so no matter the color, nutrition, taste, smell, and active ingredients are kept quite complete, especially in certain products when water is added, the quality is very close to the initial fresh product.

The raw materials and finished products manufactured by our company deliver high quality. We ensure 100% pure quality of the original plant. They are often used in raw materials and fabrication of health foods, biomaterials, aromatic plants & spices manufacturing, herbal medicines, dried fruits and vegetables, herbal teas, and all kinds of plants drying. Our technique provides the best green drying method for conservation of nutrition and 100% pure quality of the original plant.  

This drying technology was pioneered by a Taiwanese inventor in 1995. We are proud that Taiwan’s technological development and application research of this new technology are leading a top position in the world. Our company has extensive experience in manufacturing techniques and channels. We have cooperated with publicly listed food companies in product R&D.

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