CoNutri has been invited to participate in the "Swaziland Kingdom Trade and Investment Seminar." His Majesty Mswati III, has kindly agreed to take a souvenir photo with CoNutri's founder, Mr. Shang-Yo Lee. Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority CEO, Phumelele Dlamini, also considers that CoNutri's dried fruit products, made with the Room Temperature Drying Technology, can restore the fruit texture after it is soaked in water, which is equal to an upgraded version of canned fruits and saves iron resource depletion and transportation costs, which makes it quite distinctive. Therefore, she invited CoNutri to invest in Swaziland. CoNutri replied that Swaziland has abundant resources in tropical and temperate fruits, is politically and economically stable, has no shortage of water and electricity, and has relatively low labor costs, so it is quite suitable for the development of dried fruits and other processed agricultural products. CoNutri also added that the company's investment in Swaziland would benefit CoNutri's deployment in the African market. In conclusion, the both sides are very happy to make further discussions.


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