The Swaziland Minister of Agriculture, the honorable Minister Vilakati, accompanied by the Taiwan Minister of Foreign Affairs staff, arrived at 2 pm today to CoNutri's Pingtung factory located in the Pingtung Industrial Zone, and has visited the entire production process of the factory to understand the agricultural products made with the Room Temperature Drying Technology, and to taste the dried mango, pineapple, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and other products. They considered them delicious, with nothing but praises for the Taiwanese company's Room Temperature Drying technology. The honorable Minister Vilakati has emphasized the history of Swaziland's drying methods, with the heat, sun and freeze drying being the only ones used at present time to dry plants and fruits. With no other company using the Room Temperature Drying technology, the honorable Minister has, in person, invited CoNutri to set up a factory in his country.
The honorable Minister Vilakati said that his favorite dried fruits are mango and pineapple because they taste very good, as he could never imagine that anybody can make dried fruits so delicious. He thinks that this Room Temperature Drying technology is really incredible. Most companies are processing the fruits with heat, freeze or fry drying which causes the loss of nutrients, aroma and taste, but with this technology, the aroma, taste, color and nutritional values of the products will be preserved, and therefore: so delicious.



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