Stars/CEO wanted

In every emerging indsutry, there will be stars:
Bill Gates in system software, Steve Jobs in smart phone,
Larry Page & Sergey Brin & the new born star Sundar Pichai in search enginge, etc.
Who wants to be seen in the world stage,
or who is smart enough to see the emerging chance of being seen on the world stage of the food industry?

Now you've got a chance.

We have filed the patent application of our Room Temperature Drying Technology in the E.U., USA, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Mexico, India, Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan and Korea. We are setting up factories and retail stores in these countries. If you live in these countries, you have opportunities to cooperate with us as exclusive distributors, to start with, and secondly, to be hired in a top position in our branch companies. If you don't live in the countries mentioned above and you're experienced in the international food market, you can also apply for a position with us.

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