Q1. What is the source of the crops? Are they grown in Taiwan?
A :  All our raw materials of products are 100% originally from Taiwan.
Q2. Are there relevant proofs or certificates? Examples: certificate of origin, plasticizers test, pesticides test,heavy metals test, etc.?
A :  Yes, do not worry!
Q3. What’s the legal establishment of the factory? Or a factory certificate? A Ministry of Economic Affairs investigation?
A :  Yes. The factory registration number is 13000115.
Q4. What is the forecasted manufacturing capacity? How long to ship orders to?
A :  Mainly two weeks, subject to a slight increase or decrease according to the characteristics of the material.
Q5. What certifications does the CoNutri factory have?
A :  The CoNutri factory is certified with HACCP, ISO22000, and organic processing. Those certifications are international, and mean that the CoNutri factory has met hygienic requirements for the international markets.





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